"Serving Central PA Since 1935"                                             Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm; Sat 9am-3pm 


Delivery & Installation Fee's

All of our fee's are listed below.

See how they compare to the Big Box Stores.


Our current Delivery Fee is $40.00   Compare to the $59.00 Big Box will charge and have a third party delivery.



  • Normal Dishwasher                               $145.00            Big Box  $189.00
  • Gas Dryer & Range -parts extra           $100.00            Big Box  $179.00
  • Propane Hook-up                                   $125.00            Big Box" will not install"
  • Normal OTR Microwave                         $100.00            Big Box  $159.00
  • Normal Range Hood                               $100.00            Big Box  $159.00
  • Refigerators 25 Cu. Ft. & Larger... no extra cost           Big Box "price depends on third party"



Our Service Trip Charge (parts & labor extra) is $79.95  Labor Rate is $50.00/hour. If the Service Tech believes the Appliance cannot be repaired or worth the cost of repair. The Service call fee of $79.95 can be Applied to the Purchase of a New Appliance.