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Why buy a Discount or Scratch/Dent Appliance?

A discount or scratch and dent appliance is just what it sounds like – an appliance that has some type of superficial damage on it.  Most of the time, the damage happens when the appliance is being transported from the warehouse to the store, or while the appliance sits out in the open on the floor of the showroom.

With scratch and dent appliances, the damage has no effect on the structural integrity of the machine; it just looks less than perfect. Since these appliances have small defects we are willing to sell them to you for a discounted price.


"We cannot list all of the Discount & Pre-owned Appliance's we have because of the Daily Turnover. Click the Button Below to See Everything we have for Sale on Craigslist."


We also carry a line of Refurbished Appliances. All Refurbished Appliances have been serviced by our experienced tech team. These Appliance's come with a warranty and provide a Great cost saving.



"We Can Even Remove the Old Appliance"

Installing a new appliance often leaves an old one behind, and here too, we don’t want you to worry or take any extra steps. We provide for the salvage and removal of old equipment, regardless of brand.